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Steps in a Dental Implant Process

Today, many people are going for dental implants. Studies show that more and more people will choose to get implants as the years go by. As soon as you consider going for a dental implant, it will be helpful to the procedures that will be performed on you. Read to learn about the things to expect during a dental implant procedure.

First, it would be best to have some background knowledge on the procedure. Dental implants entail the replacement of the tooth roots with metal posts. Your artificial roots will be anchored on the posts. The operation is dependent on the jaw bone’s condition, and the implant needed. The fact is you may have to go through several procedures. With this, you can be confident that the bone in the affected area will properly heal.

The procedure begins by an initial assessment. When visiting the dentist, they will examine the jawbone’s condition and thereby determine the right procedure. Since the implant has to look natural, you will go through x-rays, impressions, and color matching. This is the best time to say how many teeth you need replacing. It is best to inform the surgeon if you are taking any medication and your medical conditions in general.

In case you have the tooth that should be replaced, the process will include tooth extraction. It does not have to take long as it can be done together with the implant insertion. The dentist will discuss all the reliable anesthesia choices. Even though you will only experience little pain, you need to employ some measures. It is inadvisable to blow your nose or drinking using a straw.

Dental implant insertion and bone grafting is the next procedure. You can choose to have the implant inserted into your jawbone. Or, directly under the gumline. For weak jawbones, an extra bone will be added. But, it will be best for the bone to improve before the implant. After the insertion of the implant, the jawbone will start growing around it. The process is expected to take 3 to 8 months. But, this can vary by person.

After the stabilizing of the implant, you will book an appointment for abutment placement. The piece is critical in linking the implant and crown. Given that it has to be well-fitted, expect some slight pressure on the area. The doctor will inform you of the masking methods as the piece is evident. Also, you will need a healing cap to prevent the overgrowth of the tissue and bone.

Lastly, you will go for the addition of a permanent crown. With such a choice, you will not be able to replace or clean as it is glued down. But, a removable implant can also serve you right.

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